Before and after makeover photos of pet dogs

Dog lovers are fond of giving their favorite pets a stylish makeover that will make them look good. It goes without saying that giving your dog a haircut and other makeover is necessary from time to time. It lets your adorable canine know that you care for it and will take good care of it. This link is a collection of 16 photographs that compare the looks of a pet canine before and after it received a haircut and look makeover. In all the photos, you will see them looking happy with the change in looks it has undergone due to the transformation. Via: BoredPanDa

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Biggie Smalls Before (1/16)
1- dog-grooming-photography-2
Biggie Smalls After (2/16)
2- dog-grooming-photography-1
Rocco Before (3/16)
3- HAIRY-before-and-after-transformations-of-dog-haircuts-57940a5e5b525__700
Rocco After (4/16)
4- HAIRY-before-and-after-transformations-of-dog-haircuts-57940a6be6e1b__700
Herman Before(5/16)
5- 4-Herman_Before_Square-5792a445eebf1__700
Herman After (6/16)
6- 4-Herman-After-Square-5792a4493f0cf__700
Raider Before (7/16)
7- 5-Raider-Before_square-5792a3b27fd41__700
Raider After (8/16)
8- 5-Raider_After-Square-5792a3d1f0e81__700
Lana Before (9/16)
9- HAIRY-before-and-after-transformations-of-dog-haircuts-5794201140b5b__700
Lana After (10/16)
10- HAIRY-before-and-after-transformations-of-dog-haircuts-5794202062053__700
Athena Before (11/16)
11- 2-Athena_Before_square-5792a46de9cc2__700
Athena After (12/16)
13- 3-Teddy_Before_square-5792a49078d6e__700
Teddy Before (13/16)
13- 3-Teddy_Before_square-5792a49078d6e__700
Teddy After (14/16)
14- 3_Teddy_after_square-5792a495096b3__700
Yuki Before (15/16)
15- 1-Yuki-Before-5792a4b2bf291__700
Yuki After (16/16)
16- 1-Yuki-After-5792a4b7595c4__700

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