Dog with cancer gets a loving farewell trip from owner

Some pet owners are just too attached to their pets, and cannot think about losing their best friends at all! Bella, a Labrador, was diagnosed with bone cancer early in 2015 – and after an amputation surgery, was given a few months to live. However, her owner Robert decided to give her a farewell gift and make it the most memorable days in their life. The duo went on a cross-country trip to various locations all over the United States, and spent quality time together. The best that came out of this entire effort is that the dog was possibly motivated by these efforts, and after 14 months, it is still going strong! Via: BoredPanDa

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In May 2015 Robert Kugler’s pup, Bella, was diagnosed with cancer and given three to six months to live (1/13)
1- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-3

So Kugler decided to take her on a farewell road trip across the country (2/13)
2- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-19

Kugler had just finished school and instead of heading straight to the job market… (3/13)
3- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-20

He decided to spend time with his pup (4/13)
4- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-8

They visited Chicago, hit up the Northeastern United States, then head to Florida (5/13)
5- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-2

When they got back home to Nebraska, “it just didn’t seem complete” – Robert wrote (6/13)
6- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-22

“The journey wasn’t over….yet there we were…back where we started as if we never left” (7/13)
7- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-6

So when the opportunity came up, they hit the road again (8/13)
8- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-4

This time, Robert and Bella traveled to places like Southern Missouri, Kentucky, and Nashville (9/13)
9- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-18

And today, 14 months later… (10/13)
10- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-10

The pair is still traveling the country and enjoying each others company (11/13)
11- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-7

As for Bella… (12/13)
12- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-1

Well, according to Robert she’s doing pretty darn awesome (13/13)
13- dog-cancer-road-trip-bella-robert-kugler-12

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