How a cat and a dog became best friends

You have, by all means, seen photos of cats and dogs posing together as best friends at various pages all over the Internet. But have you ever seen a cat and a dog going all out to save their friendship and overcome the barriers that separate them? If not, check out the photos at the link mentioned here, and the video that has been posted along with them. The cat and dog in the photos are best friends, but have been separated by a plastic barrier that divided their cages at a pet store. The cat jumped over to the dog’s cage as it could not tolerate the idea of not getting to play with its best bud! Via: BoredPanDa

More info: Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

This tiny kitten at a pet store in Taiwan couldn’t stand being separated from its friend
1- cat-escapes-cage-to-meet-dog-jolinn-pet-house-2

So it jumped from its booth
2- cat-escapes-cage-to-meet-dog-jolinn-pet-house-6

As the kitten was uneasily balancing over the booth, the pup couldn’t hold its excitement
3- cat-escapes-cage-to-meet-dog-jolinn-pet-house-1

All that was left was one last brave jump…
4- cat-escapes-cage-to-meet-dog-jolinn-pet-house-4

… and the two friends were finally together!
5- cat-escapes-cage-to-meet-dog-jolinn-pet-house-8

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