Sausage dog with her six super-cute puppies

If you thought maternity photoshoots were meant only for humans, you were absolutely wrong in your approach! As an animal lover would seriously differ with you, maternity is a very special sensation for animals as well. As the photos in this web link suggests, even dogs take motherhood very seriously and sportively sometimes, and enjoy the post-pregnancy period. This link is a collection of photos of a sausage dog with her newborn puppies, which are so cute that you will go “OMG!” the minute you see them! Take a look at the photos of the newborn pups wearing tiny woolen hats that have been knitted especially for them!

Via: BoredPanDa

1- sausage-dog-maternity-photoshoot-puppies-2
Image credit: Fortitude Press

2- sausage-dog-maternity-photoshoot-puppies-3
Image credit: Fortitude Press

3- sausage-dog-maternity-photoshoot-puppies-1
Image credit: Fortitude Press

4- sausage-dog-maternity-photoshoot-puppies-4
mage credit: Fortitude Press

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