Hiking trip with your pet

For some people, hiking and trail-walking is a solo adventure that is best enjoyed alone in the wilderness. However, some people feel obliged to differ in this respect, and take their favorite companions on outdoor hiking trips. The photos in this web link are suggestive of how a hiking trip with your pet feline or canine would be. An organization created by a person named Ryan Carter insists upon taking pets on hikes and walking trips so that they get a change of air too! The photos in this link show men and women on trips to beautiful places around the world, where their pets accompanied them and enjoyed thoroughly!

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1/28 What A Magical Time
1- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-03-5792243fab316__605
Photo Credit: adventurecatsorg

2/28 Keep Rowing, Human. We Must Reach The Shore By Dusk
2- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-17-5792011ea451e__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

3/28 Pure Purrrfection
3- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-25-5792013521ae8__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

4/28 Having Fun
4- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-54-579209187b25b__605
Photo Credit: lilothehusky

5/28 Utter Purrfection
5- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-27-5792013af175b__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

6/28 Perfect Hiding Place
6- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-26-57920137d5af9__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

7/28 The Littlest Camper
7- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-63-57921c4b132d6__605
Photo Credit: shponglethecat

8/28 It Is 3 Am. I Sing Songs Of My People. Yet, There’s No Applause
8- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-24-57920132a9798__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

9/28 This Is What Backpacks Are For Right?
9- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-51-579201851d06c__605
Photo Credit: kayvdr

10/28 Our First Trip
10- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-55-57920a6664014__605
Photo Credit: kayvdr

11/28 Camping Buddies
11- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-1-579200f3b871f__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

12/28 This Favorite Spot Of Mine
12- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-34-5792014eda38e__605
Photo Credit: siberian_skye

13/28 Human Shoulder? No. The Throne Upon Which I Rule
13- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-44-5792016b0458a__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

14/28 Human Said Say Cheese. Yet, I Don’t See Any Cheese. I Have Been Deceived
14- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-4-579200fd59994__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

15/28 Soiled By Kindness. Gone Is My Rugged Repute. Now I’m… Cuddly
15- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-42-579201642e1d3__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

16/28 Backpacking Is Fun, They Say (16/90)
16- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-30-57920142ea955__605
Photo Credit: kayvdr

17/28 Hiking Is Exhausting
17- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-04-579224b3b8836__605
Photo Credit: adventurecatsorg

18/28 A Glorious View. Atop This Boulder, I Perch. Time For A Cat Nap
18- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-40-5792015e0ad1a__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

19/28 I’m A Purrfect Kayaker
19- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-6-579201029a128__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

20/28 Ah, Freedom At Last
20- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-21-5792012a44880__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

21/28 My Biggest Regret? Not Hiding When I Saw You. Hindsight Is Futile
21- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-31-57920146529c4__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

22/28 My Adopted Cat Is The Best Climbing Partner Ever
22- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-60-579219b005820__605
Photo Credit: Craig Armstrong

23/28 Purrrfect View
23- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-2-579200f7b5302__605
Photo Credit: burmaadventurecat

24/28 Vexatious Human. Hogs The Hammock; I Can’t Nap. My Soul Is Breaking
24- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-5-57920100089db__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

25/28 Kitty The Explorer
25- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-46-579201747f274__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

26/28 Let’s Go Kayaking They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said
26- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-32-579201495c472__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

27/28 That Time We Took Our Kittens Canoeing And Hiking
27- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-56-57920ba7c4995__605
Photo Credit: kayvdr

28/90 Adventure Calls Me. Yet, I Require A Nap. The Struggle Is Real
28- camping-with-cats-ryan-carter-53-57920476dcae2__605
Photo Credit: Camping With Cats

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