Solo honeymoon for bride whose husband did not get a visa in time

For those who think women can never travel the world and enjoy themselves after they have married, this link is a perfect reply. Here at this link, you will find photos of a newly-wed bride who had to go on a solo honeymoon trip. Incidentally, the trip had been reserved and paid for in advance, but the husband did not get a visa in time. However, he talked his wife into going on the trip to Greece alone and enjoying herself for a few days. Take a look at the funny photos that the bride, Huma Mobin posted online while on the trip, including her “invisible” husband.

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More info: Facebook (h/t: elite daily)

The couple planned a honeymoon to Greece
1- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-31
However, this didn’t stop Huma from including him in her photographs!
2- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-19
3- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-14
4- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-29
5- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-12
6- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-8
7- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-5
8- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-13
9- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-24
10- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-34
11- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-7
Huma actually got the idea from her husband after he sent her this picture from Budapest
12- funny-honeymoon-photography-without-husband-huma-mobin-33

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