What happens when men do what women normally do?

Humanists all around the world believe in the fact that no action is gender-specific, and both the sexes can do or act like the other. After going through the photos at the web link mentioned here, you will surely start believing in their words. The link here is a collection of photos that show a serious role-reversal in action, and the photos are funny enough to get you laughing. The men in these photos are shown posing for photos exactly in the way a woman normally does. Some photos are specifically hilarious because you can see the men trying to be seductive in their poses, but failing big time!

Via: BoredPanDa

Those Water Hair Flip Photos (1/36)
1- funny-men-parody-women-photos-15-5799e76231d15__605
Photo Credit: Matt Sprouse

I Posted This Pic Of Myself On Facebook. (2/36)
2- funny-men-parody-women-photos-58-579a1866eb0f8__605
Photo Credit: helenishelen

Just Like Kendall Jenner (3/36)
3- funny-men-parody-women-photos-33-5799f11a3773d__605
Photo Credit: Dry July Shave Off

Shopping Would Be Like (4/36)
4- funny-men-parody-women-photos-60-579a141a2acf1__605

I Said Yes! (5/36)
5- funny-men-parody-women-photos-63-579a193c634fd__605

Dental Hygiene Is So Important (6/36)
6- funny-men-parody-women-photos-6-5799d6bf0567c__605
Photo Credit: adzitiss

I Woke Up Like This (7/36)
7- funny-men-parody-women-photos-25-5799d6e9f0ef1__605
Photo Credit: ejadams17

When I Was A Mermaid (8/36)
8- funny-men-parody-women-photos-21-5799d6e1d0720__605
Photo Credit: kjbulut

Dad Trolls His Daughter By Recreating Her Selfies (9/36)
9- funny-men-parody-women-photos-36-5799f4a6c193d__605
Photo Credit: therealburrmartin

Man Cradling His Beer Belly Like Pregnant Mom (10/36)
10- funny-men-parody-women-photos-42-5799fd08e205b__605
Photo Credit: ung von matt

Fabulous Morning (11/36)
11- funny-men-parody-women-photos-55-579a147e397cc__605
Photo Credit: blaine_mcconnell

Motorcycle Man Pose As Biker Babe (12/36)
12- funny-men-parody-women-photos-44-579a01154bca3__605
Photo Credit: MotoCorsa

At The Gym (13/36)
13- funny-men-parody-women-photos-1-5799d6b2c4a97__605
Photo Credit: tribblereese

Hell Yeah (14/36)
14- funny-men-parody-women-photos-62-579a17726a5e6__605
Photo Credit: Bondi Hipsters

Countdown To Wedding Day (15/36)
15- funny-men-parody-women-photos-5-5799d6bc45032__605
Photo Credit: masikamayphotography

So Perfect For Summer (16/36)
16- funny-men-parody-women-photos-9-5799d6c72b346__605
Photo Credit: hairbydaniel

I Can Netflix And Chill All By Myself (17/36)
17- funny-men-parody-women-photos-3-5799d6b7f05e9__605
Photo Credit: pmortsupreme

The Girly Group Squat Shot (18/36)
18- funny-men-parody-women-photos-27-5799d6eedf762__605
Photo Credit: nikvia

18w Brosbeingbasicfirst Day Of Spring Has Us Like… Goodbye Winter (19/36)
19- funny-men-parody-women-photos-2-5799d6b58bed6__605
Photo Credit: corbin1990

If You’re Having A Tough Monday, Just Pretend You’re A Mermaid (20/36)
20- funny-men-parody-women-photos-26-5799d6ecb8376__605
Photo Credit: ham_ilton

4w Brosbeingbasiccheers To Sunday Bunday, Our Favorite Day Of The Week (21/36)
21- funny-men-parody-women-photos-10-5799d6c9c7e9f__605
Photo Credit: tapscottsville

14w Brosbeingbasicomg We’ve Had The Best Time At Brochella (22/36)
22- funny-men-parody-women-photos-7-5799d6c15eae9__605
Photo Credit: mikenardelli17

Tonight We Treated Our Tootsies (23/36)
23- funny-men-parody-women-photos-20-5799d6dfb203a__605
Photo Credit: brosbeingbasic

Breaking The Internet (24/36)
24- funny-men-parody-women-photos-34-5799f2ea01693__605
Photo Credit: Dry July Shave Off

Sexy Nude Photoshoot (25/36)
25- funny-men-parody-women-photos-61-579a14a2b6939__605
Photo Credit: Bondi Hipsters

It’s A 2 Cupcake Kinda Day! (26/36)
26- funny-men-parody-women-photos-23-5799d6e5cf3e8__605
Photo Credit: tappdaddy

If You Can’t Make It To Hawaii…..bring Hawaii To You (27/36)
27- funny-men-parody-women-photos-24-5799d6e7ba42c__605
Photo Credit: aloha_bigmike

Drinking Wine Like A Yoga Guru (28/36)
28- funny-men-parody-women-photos-29-5799d6f2e6908__605
Photo Credit: tintindafella

Tom Lenk Julianne Moore At Met Gala (29/36)
29- funny-men-parody-women-photos-40-5799f82e96331__605
Photo Credit: Tom Lenk

Wanna Be Like Kim Kardashian (30/36)
30- funny-men-parody-women-photos-43-5799ff4911b92__605
Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

Hipster Reshoot Supermodel’s Photoshoot (31/36)
31- funny-men-parody-women-photos-45-579a03349f422__605
Photo Credit: Bondi Hipsters

Freedom (32/36)
32- funny-men-parody-women-photos-19-5799d6ddc4839__605
Photo Credit: scott_butt

But First – Selfie (33/36)
33- funny-men-parody-women-photos-49-579a06ad7b5db__605
Photo Credit: alfonsowenker

It’s The Most Wonderful Gift Of The Year (34/36)
34- funny-men-parody-women-photos-4-5799d6ba67506__605
Photo Credit: tribblereese

Tom Lenk As Katy Perry At Met Gala (35/36)
35- funny-men-parody-women-photos-39-5799f7747c775__605
Photo Credit: Tom Lenk

Nothing Better To Complete The Weekend Than Aerial #broga With My Besties (36/36)
36- funny-men-parody-women-photos-50-579a08cd5e839__605
Photo Credit: ndeconna

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