A rare butterfly species is repopulated

California pipevine swallowtail butterfly was about to face a horrifying loss in the form of loss of their habitat which was located in San Francisco was also threatening their extinction. But due to one single man’s brave efforts the glittering insect with blue wings are safe once more. Tim Wong from California Academy of Sciences with his sole efforts revived them after building them a home in their backyard and after three years the beautiful creatures have returned to San Francisco. Wong began their reinvigoration in his spare time. Have look at these repopulated creatures in this link.

Via: mymodernmet
1- butterfly6
2- butterfly3
Wong’s DIY enclosure for the caterpillars.

3- butterfly4
Early-stage pipevine caterpillars.

4- butterfly5
Late-growth-stage caterpillars.

5- butterfly9
The caterpillars once they’re in the chrysalises stage.

6- butterfly7
Full-grown California pipevine swallowtail butterflies.

Tim Wong: Instagram
via [Inhabitat, Vox]

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