Eco-friendly shampoos

Ethique, a beauty and skin company based in New Zealand sells created by Biochemist Brianne West sells soaps, conditioners and shampoos without plastic packages. Wrapped in biodegradable and plastic free materials, it comes in solid form rather than like conventional liquid form. Every bar preserves an estimated amount of water through the use lather which comes out with the water from the shower. West is very proud of it and according to a reputed company called Forbes; her company has saved the world from 60000 bottles of plastic. Have a look at these pictures of the shampoos in this link.Via: mymodernmet
1- EthiqueSoap6
2- EthiqueSoap1
3- EthiqueSoap3
4- ethiquesolidshampoo1a
5- ethiquesolidshampoo2

Ethique is also available as a shampoo for kids.
6- EthiqueSoap4

A bodywash bar.
7- EthiqueSoap5

A shampoo and shaving bar for men.
8- EthiqueSoap2

And a conditioner bar.
9- EthiqueSoap7
Ethique Beauty: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
via [Huffington Post]

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