Lovable zombie themed garden gnomes

Canadian artist groups Revenant FX who are obsessed with horror are inspired from shows such as Walking Dead and by movies such as Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Pet Semetary. They are bringing back the dead to life through their 100% handicraft garden gnomes done in zombie style. A unique way to spice up one’s garden with horror for keeping trespassers away, look at these frightening photos of zombie styled gnomes which surely will scare off people and looks quite weird too. It is a very creative way to scare off one’s neighbors. So look at these pictures in the segment and view these intriguing pictures.

Via: BoredPanDa
More info: Etsy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (h/t: sobadsogood)

1- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-1
2- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-3
3- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-10
4- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-14
5- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-6
6- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-15
7- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-2
8- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-7
9- zombie-gnomes-of-the-apocalypse-revenant-fx-4

You can buy these zombie gnomes on Etsy.

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