Some amazing photos taken behind waterfalls

Here you will find pictures which depict what’s behind a waterfall. Some famous waterfalls are shown in this link like the Seljalandsfoss located in Iceland which is one of the most wonderful places for visiting and visitors can walk behind the waterfall. Another one is the Dry Falls located in North Carolina which has a path that leads to a recessed ledge behind the fall for viewing the opposite side. One more waterfall is the Tunnel falls which is located in Oregon behind of which you will be able to view some jaw dropping sceneries. Visit the link for more such spectacular views.

by Grace Murano + | Cool Places

(1/9) Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (Iceland)
1- a99746_behind-waterfall_1-island
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(2/9) Dry Falls (Highlands, North Carolina)
2- a99746_behind-waterfall_22
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(3/9) Tunnel Falls (Oregon)
3- a99746_behind-waterfall_8-oregon
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(4/9) Minnehaha Falls (Minnesota)
4- a99746_behind-waterfall_4-minnesota
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(5/9) Sipi Falls (Uganda)
5- a99746_behind-waterfall_9-uganda
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(6/9) Sgwd yr Eira (Wales)
6- a99746_behind-waterfall_6-
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(7/9) Steinsdalsfossen (Norway)
7- a99746_behind-waterfall_7-norway
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(8/9) Ontario Waterfall at the Niagara Escarpment (Canada)
8- a99746_behind-waterfall_3-ontario
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(9/9) Waterfall at the Main Lagoon of Hilton Waikoloa (Hawaii)
9- a99746_behind-waterfall_5-hilton
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