Umut Yamac’s Origami Lights

An architect from London, Umut Yamac is a designer at Turkish heritage who designed the Perch Light family. It was originally designed two years ago with a 20 limited edition but few days ago Yamac created this for Moooi which was launched Milan’s Salone del Mobile. This consists of six sculptural lamps resembling Origami birds sitting on branches. Made from synthetic paper, steel and brass, the best part about it is that they swing if touched. For Yamac birds are symbol of freedom, so view the pictures in this link and if you feel you can share it with your friends.

Via: BoredPanDa
More info: | Twitter (h/t: colossal)

1- origami-bird-lights-creative-lamps-family-umut-yamac-1
2- origami-bird-lights-creative-lamps-family-umut-yamac-4
3- origami-bird-lights-creative-lamps-family-umut-yamac-2
4- origami-bird-lights-creative-lamps-family-umut-yamac-2
5- origami-bird-lights-creative-lamps-family-umut-yamac-5
6- origami-bird-lights-creative-lamps-family-umut-yamac-9

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