Magical nature photographs

Magda Wasiczek’s photography is both charming and magical. The Poland based photographer uses cameras as tools for raising awareness regarding nature’s beauty among people. She wants to portray insects and plants in such a way to the world that even those people who never appreciated their beauty would start liking and appreciating them. The subjects are highlighted with colours which are vibrant which makes them look out of the world. She wants to present her visions in such a way to the world that it would raise the inner child in people who could look and appreciate the fascination of nature, so have a look at these pictures in the link. Via: deMilked

Curious what else is happening below our feet? Then take a look at the life of snails.
More info: (h/t: boredpanda)

1- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-12
2- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-4
3- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-13
4- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-2
5- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-15
6- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-10
7- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-14
9- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-3
9- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-9
10- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-7
12- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-1
13- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-5
14- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-8
15- nature-wonderland-photography-magda-wasiczek-poland-11

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