Shark themed tea bags

Tea has certainly lost its charm as it is no more shipped by a group of brave sailors who take risks for our morning delight. But there is nothing to worry as DaiSho Fishery company, through their innovative shark theme designed tea bags, are trying to bring back that charm and excitement. The concept is of paper sharks bleeding red tea while swimming in water. DaiSho are trying to spread their idea among a wide range of people through various marketing techniques. Have a look at these intriguing pictures in this link, you will surely love the theme as well as the concept.Via: deMilked
More info: makauke | (h/t: laughingsquid)
1- blood-red-tea-shark-teabag-daisho-fisheries-japan-7
2- blood-red-tea-shark-teabag-daisho-fisheries-japan-22
3- blood-red-tea-shark-teabag-daisho-fisheries-japan-1 4- blood-red-tea-shark-teabag-daisho-fisheries-japan-21
5- blood-red-tea-shark-teabag-daisho-fisheries-japan-16
6- blood-red-tea-shark-teabag-daisho-fisheries-japan-17

See it in a video:

For a less menacing tea bag design head over here.

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