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Mustaches do not make the males, however in some cases they make them remarkable. A few of the most renowned figures in home entertainment history have actually sported facial hair on their upper lip varying from black and bushy to blonde and shaped. Those mustaches ended up being a part of the character like James Bond and his martini and it is a rite of passage. Growing and try out facial hair is something every male will carry out in his life time- whether it’s just when or numerous times. While some are content to leave their skin bare and smooth, others choose to display their manly development and beards and mustaches handle limitless types. So start searching for hipsters funny today.

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More info: worldbeardchampionships.com (h/t: demilked, designyoutrust)

Over 300 bearded men from 20 different countries came to Leogang, Austria a few days ago

1-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-1 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch

They came for the 2015 World Beard and Moustache Championships

2-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-2 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch

The men were competing for categories in three groups: moustache, partial beard and full beard

3-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-8 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch

The 18 categories in total include best goatee, best stubble and best fashion beard

4-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-11 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch

The competition takes place every year or two in a different country

5-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-19 Image credits: Angelika Warmuth

It was hosted by Norway in 2011 and in Alaska in 2009

6-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-4 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch

Scroll down for more photos of these fascinating contestants and winners!

7-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-10 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch

Full Beard Freestyle category winner

8-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-20 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch

Moustache Freestyle category winner

9-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-22 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch 9a-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-18 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch 9b-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-12 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch 9c-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-13 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch 9d-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-9 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch 9e-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-21 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch 9f-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-15 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch 9g-world-beard-moustache-championship-photography-austria-16 Image credits: Jan Hetfleisch

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