Highly perfect Lee Jee Young

As the times have actually advanced, the innovation has actually likewise gone far by leaps and bounces and the direct result of this has actually remained in the field of image editing. This is short article , you will be exposed to remarkable snaps, which resemble modified with the assistance of a software application however in truth they are not. This is the representation of the skill of Sandy Skoglund, who has actually been understood for the making a great deal of buzz in the sector of art and photography. To take a better take a look at the developments , you need to go to the link that has actually been provided here. All the circumstances have actually been developed inside the small studio of the artist.

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Above: Resurrection

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Treasure Hunt

3- a5Uhz5AvXE6JSU8EhQri_1082136066

Panic Room

4- 8QlFc7eyjhuz85hd259d_1082136093

Broken Heart

5- c6vWGjusMpTm-ESGrSnW_1082136113

I’ll Be Back

6- H0VgbaHvXMpcjvunA7X7_1082136138

My Chemical Romance

7- fzSEkuVmcHhTy2lkIcMq_1082136163

Last Supper

8- 7WzSFTXLvnNVHIaHcDhB_1082136182


9- heG3oFn4IJbKXVb7FjcJ_1082136223

Maiden Voyage

10- tE21o7RxqP6dHNeXLltU_1082136248

The Little Match Girl

11- 2mOQlT7s9KhCx4X5wUIm_1082136265

Food Chain

12- EVGRYBPaFRZ2MCBd5Fxw_1082136285


13- vRszkp4im7Vr97hEVTZH_1082136297


14- TVHdLEEVbTZJAzNFXuXw_1082136304

Black Birds

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