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Zircon crystals are uncommon and included in this list of earliest items seen before. Being understood to be over 4 million years of ages, these ancient zircon crystals has the difference of the earliest recognized product discovered in this world Earth. According to the specialists this crystal is the earliest validated piece from the crust of our world. Discovered in north of Perth in Australia, this material is seen in blue color when bombarded with electrons, though it is looks as clear red. The age old crystal indicates that crust appeared 160 million years ago the formation of our planetary system. So start searching for oldest thing right now. If you are browsing for oldest artifacts ever found, you have actually land on the best web page. Via: ODDEE

#9/1- Zircon Crystal (4.4 Billion Years Old)

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#9/2- A Prosthetic Toe (3000 Years Old)

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#9/3- Swiss Army Knife (1800 Years Old)

3- a99301_article-1247230-081570E4000005DC-940_964x310

#9/4- Cannabis Stash (2700 Years Old)

4- a99301_cannabis-stash-540x380.grid-6x2

#9/5- Stone Tools (3.3 Million Years Old)

5- a99301_early-human-tools
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#9/6- Sex Toy (28,000 Years Old)

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#9/7- DNA Sample (150,000 Years Old)

7- a99301_Altamura-Man_01
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#9/8- Song (3,400 Years Old)

8- a99301_oldsong

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#9/9- Complaint Letter (3750 Years Old)

9- a99301_r1402300_20023362

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