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When you want to guaranteed your ideas in a certain kind of supremacy, you need art. There are loads of folks who are working on abundant types of art to obtain their aspiration . There are plentiful artists who believe that their canvas is the definitive terminus for everlasting high-end and that is why they desire their canvas colorful and ornamented. There are heaps of painters who are extensively popular for their stunning paintings and they are considered as the master of paintings. In the top specified linkage, you will see some important paintings which are not found till today as they were destroyed , taken or lost. So have a look at artist klimt paintings you always needed. If you’re finding for paintings masterpieces, you have actually come on the amazing blog post. Via: ODDEE

#10/1- The Colossus of Rhodes: Lost in an Earthquake

1- a98664_Colossus-of-Rhodes
(Source | Photo)

#10/2- Picasso’s “The Painter”: Lost in a Plane Crash

2- a98664_picasso_the-painter
(Source | Photo)

#10/3- Fourteen Paintings by Gustav Klimt: Destroyed by Nazis

3- a98664_schubert_at_the_piano
(Source | Photo)

#10/4- Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies”: Destroyed by Fire

4- a98664_monet_lost_waterlilies
(Source | Photo)

#10/5- Sutherland’s Portrait of Winston Churchill: Destroyed by Churchill’s Wife

5- a98664_churchill
(Source | Photo)

#10/6- Michelangelo’s “Leda and the Swan”: Simply Disappeared

6- a98664_leda-and-swan
(Source | Photo)

#10/7- John Banvard’s Mississippi River Panorama: Cut into Pieces

7- a98664_banvard
(Source | Photo)

#10/8- Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Painter on His Way to Work”: Destroyed by Fire

8- a98664_painter-on-his-way-to-work-the
(Source | Photo)

#10/9- Antoine Watteau’s “Spring”: Lost, Found, then Destroyed

9- a98664_Watteau_Frühling
(Source1 | Source2 | Photo)

#10/10- Johannes Vermeer’s “The Concert”: Stolen by Thieves

10- a98664_Vermeer_The_concert
(Source | Photo)

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