Very genuine human made objects

According to scholars, history needs to never ever be pursued for the sake of simply collecting more knowledge about the past. This suggests that history is something more to us; something that we can bring every day in our lives; something that others can not draw from within us. It is something that we can hold on to. If you are a devoted reader of history then the page is all yours. The page has shared a few of the most incredible details on the oldest things ever discovered on this earth and you will jaw-dropped understanding thats it has been 44k years when individuals used musical instruments. So start looking for chewing gum on shoe immediately. If you’re trying to check for longest chewed piece of gum, you have actually land on the amazing website. Via: ODDEE

#10/1- Oldest Marijuana Stash (2,700 years old)

1- a98628_Oddee_old_mar

#10/2- Oldest Chewing Gum (5,000 years old)

2- a98628_Oddee_old_gum

#10/3- Oldest Leather Shoe (5,500 years old)

3- a98628_oddee_old_shoe

#10/4- Oldest Musical Instrument (42,000 years old)

4- a98628_oddee_old_flaute

#10/5- Oldest Artificial Eye (4,800 years old)

5- a98628_oddee_old_artificial

#10/6- Oldest Skirt (5,900 years old)

6- a98628_oddee_old_ski

#10/7- Oldest Popcorn (6,700 years old)

7- a98628_oddee_old_pop

#10/8- Oldest Purse (4,500 years old)

8- a98628_oddee_old_purse

#10/9- Oldest Mattress (77,000 years old)

9- a98628_oddee_old_mat

#10/10- Oldest Mask (9,000 years old)

10- a98628_oddee_old_mask2

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