Very genuine crazy cat attacks

Being among the lion families the domestic cats serve not only as family pets but also defending individuals at the time of crisis. In a recent SPCA Los Angeles has granted a cat as ‘Hero Gog’, for its heroic deed. Named as Tara, the 7 years of age feline has extremely safeguarded and rescued a 5 old young boy from the relentless pet attack. This brave deed by Tara has actually taken place when the young boy Jeremy from California was riding a bicycle near his home . He will be assaulted by the canine which came behind the family ‘s SUV and Tara took on the canine by knocking of Jeremy. So search for crazy cat syndrome you always needed. If you are trying to check for how to kick a cat, you have come on the appropriate page. Via: ODDEE

#8/1- The feral cat that is terrorizing a small town

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#8/2- The hero cat who saved a boy from a dangerous dog

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#8/3- The new mama cat who attacked her owners to protect her offspring

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#8/4- The cat who clawed a fellow passenger on the bus

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#8/5- The cat who attacked a baby and held a family hostage

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#8/6- The cat who sent three family members to the hospital

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#8/7- The mother and daughter who were trapped in their house by their aggressive feline

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#8/8- The woman who was attacked by a stray cat after kicking snow on it

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