Pretty cool chicken tattoos

Getting various styles of tattoos are now a newest style trend and if you love different type of tattoos you can learn more about these tattoos in various websites. There are different type of tattoos which are used as protest and they are carried out in different unusual places of the body. Often these tattoos are done on the forehead and in some cases these tattoos are done on the personal places . There are various realities you might find behind these different demonstration tattoos. If you are interested to understand about these various tattoos, you can have a look at the link provided above. So look out for star design tattoos immediately. If you’re browsing for tattoos back, you have actually land on the ideal post page. Via: ODDEE

#7/1- The inmate who had the name of the girl he killed tatooed on his forehead

1- a98552_revenge-tattoo_1-katie

#7/2- The one night stand who got tattoed all over his body

2- a98552_revenge-tattoo_2-dominike

#7/3- The cheating girlfriend who got a pile of poo on her back

3- a98552_revenge-tattoo_3-poo

#7/4- The teen who was attacked and had the word DOG tattooed for sleeping with someone else’s girlfriend

4- a98552_revenge-tattoo_4-dog

#7/5- The tattoo artist who inked his friend’s cheating wife while the husband had her tied

5- a98552_revenge-tattoo_5-tied-woman

#7/6- The man who decided to get a second tattoo in the middle of the night and ended up with this

6- a98552_revenge-tattoo_6-penis

#7/7- The Asian tattoo artist who tattoed profanities every time someone asked for a Japanese symbol

7- a98552_revenge-tattoo_7

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