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Funeral service is the saddest event that is organized after the death of a human being to provide peace to his or her soul. Though this tragic event is typical in every community and commemorated in numerous ways but some instances are surprising among these awful funeral celebrations . There are some people whose funeral are organized and commemorated in unusual methods and these are explained in this link elaborately to entertain you If you need to know about the people whose funeral celebrations can make you surprised then go through this link. These genuine stories can amuse you. So search for christopher amaro immediately. If you’re browsing for man buried on motorcycle, you have actually land on the awesome lading page. Via: ODDEE

#10/1- The Murdered Boxer Who Was Posed Leaning Against the Corner of a Makeshift Boxing Ring for His Wake

1- a98870_wake_1-boxer

#10/2- The Thai Man Who Married His Dead Girlfriend in Funeral-Wedding Ceremony

2- a98870_wake_10-wedding

#10/3- The Chinese Student Who Organized a Rehearsal of Her Own Funeral So She Could Enjoy It

3- a98870_wake_3-rehearsel

#10/4- The man Who Was Posed Riding His Motorcycle at His Wake

4- a98870_wake_8-motorcycle

#10/5- The Puerto Rico Man Who Asked to Be Standing at His Wake

5- a98870_wake_5-standing

#10/6- The Man Who Asked to Be Buried on His Harley Davidson Motorcycle and Wanted the Whole World to See It

7- a98870_wake_6-harley-davidson

#10/7- The Man Who Wore a Lime Dress to His Friend’s Funeral to Fulfill Death Pact

8- a98870_wake_7-lime-dress

#10/8- The Funeral Home That Hosted a Christmas-Themed Ceremony

9- a98870_wake_4-christmas

#10/9- The Man Who Spent 25 years and $10,000 Making Himself an Egyptian-Style Coffin

10- a98870_wake_9-egyptian
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#10/10- The Bizarre Kayaking Funeral That Made The Rounds on the Internet

11- a98870_wake_2-cayaking

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