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Inside the old Salina Turda Salt Mines situated in Transylvania, Romania, stands the globe’s biggest salt mine museum . Originally developed in the 17th century, the enormous mines were created totally manually as well as equipment instead of by using explosives . Visitors are welcomed to come down as much down as practically 400 feet right into the Planet in order to witness the history of the profession. Throughout the cool interior , which averages concerning 50-55 ° F with 80% moisture, there are a variety of mines, areas, and also areas to be checked out . At virtually 140 feet down, Rudolph Mine supplies a 180-seat amphitheater, a carousel , ping-pong tables, basketball hoops, mini-golf, as well as bowling making it a truly enjoyable place . So look out for Turda now. If you are trying to search for salt museum, you have land on the best website. Via: My Modern Met

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Turda Salt Mines website
via [Designboom], [Atlas Obscura]

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