Highly superb sad keanu figure

By now, many people must be familiar with a few web memes. Maybe one of the most popular, having had its reasonable share of attention , is Sad Keanu. Now, designer neural firings have launched a figurine honoring the staple in humorous web culture to crossover into your genuine life . The three-dimensional figure aptly called A Little Sad Keanu Reeves can be purchased directly through shapeways and is available in two sizes – Teeny Keanu (2.6-inches) and Little Keanu (4-inches). Ensure you grab your copy as well if you like it! Go to the page and enjoy . So start searching for sad keanu figure right now. If you’re trying to look for keanu reeves meme, you have actually come on the appropriate web page. Via: My Modern Met

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via [Ian Brooks]

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