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That time of the year is below once more and also it’s time to take pleasure in the end results of the World facial hair and also Moustache contest of 2014. This is an annual occasion where men gather in multitudes for flaunting their astonishing face hair types . According to the web site anything goes from refined Dali moustaches with to total beard freestyles & mutton chops. This is a contest that showcases the full range of beard as well as mustache art belonging to 18 categories . The personality of all subjects attracts attention via outfits , look, and also motions, as well as digital photographer Anderson has succeeded in capturing a vibrant spirit that radiates from all playful portraits . So start looking for facial hair designs immediately. If you’re browsing for moustache design, you have stay on the awesome page. Via: My Modern Met

1- GX6bkqJSCXI34oOUl3pP_GregAnderson201401 2- 5YE1vd4Jr-gDSgRfWgzS_GregAnderson201402 3- nbaVbvwFuT13ioSzJpaF_GregAnderson201404 3- RO36LrhSIt7C8krXYixg_GregAnderson201403 4- n2SLpXmpQMm1b4DSOOig_GregAnderson201405 5- 6RDwPSihxqqU-SXhxWgM_GregAnderson201406 6- kQd6XvS94a2TRj4H4CIL_GregAnderson201407 7- hrwzTFjeuR0SOL79aL0K_GregAnderson201408 8- 30nMETdRIc7yWXZJ87zG_GregAnderson201409 9- le1kghQKVHkTGjMVo0SS_GregAnderson201410 10- ZEJtSw8Zb4xSyut0oxan_GregAnderson201411 11- gH1K7UORGQbXp6NW6IpC_GregAnderson201412 12- B3QcqEHTYf9eUOrmfApv_GregAnderson201413 13- XSgbcbKSa2ctoc5aJUE6_GregAnderson201414 14- 9jD6qcL2V82K3aRAaUbV_GregAnderson201415 15- euxROJBdnNFqca2Mkgx9_GregAnderson201416 16- ZbeGMmvAqJApBdUMSWi3_GregAnderson201417 17- WTfuJ2BtFRabuXYDIgAj_GregAnderson201418 18- vsH9xfxUZFSm9bM3C6E5_GregAnderson201419 19- TKQhCNEnX4mtC2pjKMJu_GregAnderson201420

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via [Twisted Sifter]

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