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The side of a products truck , with its large surface area , has great potential for substantial artistic expression. This ends up being even more clear as the Vehicle Art Task transforms these huge automobiles right into mobile galleries whose outsides display modern paints. The open roadway hosts these non-traditional art works, making use of a network of profession transportation courses that roll across Spain as well as bring art to locations where this type of unforeseen job is seldom seen. The Truck Art Task is partnership between Jaime Colsa, proprietor of the distribution company Palibex as well as iam Gallery Madrid. Via their web site , you can track the fleet or perhaps ask for a go to from the nomadic gallery. So start searching for mobile art gallery you may need. If you are trying to search for mobile modern art, you have land on the outstanding page. Via: My Modern Met

1- nCq-DaVaF56abQrNN7g4_truck_okuda_san_miguel
Above: Okuda San Miguel
2- v4-VzVuyHRnDfWUdvYpy_truck_suso33
3- mmIgpSSMVd-FintqnmeS_truck_javier_calleja2
Javier Calleja
4- eYK3fkLZE3B14QajdKvV_truck_javier_calleja
Javier Calleja
5- 7E49Wyu7IEkbcs8HEXux_truck_abraham_lacalle
Abraham Lacalle
6- c8ho4TfXHK7Hy4LGptFF_truck_abraham_lacalle2
Abraham Lacalle
7- GAof8-Lnp21SH8dnpoRT_truck_marina_vargas2
Marina Vargas
8- gokxyT9toLNQ6d-Q7AXP_truck_javier_arce
Javier Arce
9- ow4Kg57RZBK2AzTNtLSL_truck_javier_arce2
Javier Arce
10- UsfD6tCWli0kO6j16LT3_truck_daniel_munoz2
Daniel Muoz
11- GXdHECQJ5PX7l-nroke0_truck_daniel_munoz
Daniel Muoz

Truck Art Project: Website | Facebook | Vimeo
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