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Wedding event cakes assume a noteworthy part in the wedding celebration. Reality be informed, a couple of women actually organize their entire weddings around the style of their cake. While traditional white, layered cakes finished , they appear still overwhelming however there are some uncommon alternatives of cakes too that will assist you to get a taste of pop social mind. It is safe to say that you are sick of the popular 3 layer wedding cake with a woman and man of the hour topper on it? The short article for you it is brimming with brand-new and fun wedding cake thoughts that are one of a kind and tailored to fit your wedding subject. So take a look at alternative wedding cake ideas right now. If you are finding for unusual wedding cake designs, you have actually stay on the ideal website. Via: ODDEE

#12/1- Pizza

1- a98704_92

#12/2- Cheese

2- a98704_2.1
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#12/3- Pork Pie

3- a98704_32
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#12/4- Sushi

4- a98704_83
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#12/5- Cake Pops

5- a98704_122
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#12/6- Truffles

6- a98704_63
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#12/7- Burger

7- a98704_cake
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#12/8- Waffles

8- a98704_42
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#12/9- Cake Shooters

9- a98704_1.12
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#12/10- Twinkies

10- a98704_10
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#12/11- Crepe

11- a98704_7.13
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#12/12- Cookies

12- a98704_53
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